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TTM Group

T.T.M. (Top Technology Mission) is a financial holding company that groups together different business ventures, with the common goal of aiming for excellence in various fields.

TTM and it does not function directly on the market, but rather directs its investments and its communication towards property, businessmen and entrepreneurial groups.

The group’s areas of interest are:

  • the real estate industry, including the buying, selling, design, construction and development of real estate buildings.
  • the hotel industry, including the management of hoteliers dedicated to business and holiday resorts.
  • the technology industry, with specific reference to digital video, for both video surveillance and video productions.
  • the communications industry, , brand identity, graphic design, web, media and events, strongly oriented towards the creation of videos, these are the tools used both for the group’s communication and for businesses outside TTM’s sphere.

Founded on 28/06/2006 by Rosaria Marazzi, since June 2013, following a further significant financial boost, TTM has been providing services to its subsidiaries and associated companies in order to create value for each and every company in the group.

TTM also fully carries out the function of financial “Corporate Governance” for the entire sphere of the company.

These services are aimed at increasing efficiency and integration between the companies in the group, as well as optimising resources by sharing expertise.