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Rosa Real Estate is dedicated to the construction and redevelopment of valuable properties in Italy, with a vocation for the design, construction and development of real estate, which is one of the strongly defining characteristics of TTM group as a whole.

This activity allows us to add buildings to our portfolio that contribute to the development of the company itself, as well as the Holding, thereby providing prestigious locations that are technologically advanced, for the entrepreneurial businesses that require it.

The business of maintenance planning and the organisation of unscheduled maintenance are of fundamental importance.

Rose Real Estate pays particular attention to the identification and development of exclusive locations and to carrying out high-quality construction projects/investments.

It has worked on:

  • buying and selling real estate;
  • scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of its own headquarters;
  • operational and logistic reorganisation and restructuring of offices;
  • creation of an environment suitable for the design, manufacturing and testing of high-tech products;
  • land enhancement project and construction of the managerial building known as “7EVEN TOWER”.

7EVEN TOWER” is called to represent the technological and cutting-edge vocation of the whole TTM Spa group and enrich the skyline of Reggio Emilia with a building that fits in well in an adjacent panorama of great architectural merit that boasts both the Calatrava bridges and the Mediopadana railway station.