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Bridge129 is the company in the TTM group that operates in the sector of video surveillance and access control. It offers innovative and technologically-advanced solutions in these areas, offering both products and services, namely design, support and consultancy.

The company, seeing the need for the market to take advantage of new video management and video analysis technologies in the field of security, specialised in integrating vision systems. In particular, Bridge129 designs and creates services and products for video surveillance in cities and access control for restricted traffic areas, commonly known as ZTLs (Zona a Traffico Limitato).

The company’s main market is public administrations, who are offered a highly-professional and efficient technological aid.

Commercial guidelines have been expanded, and with them, the range of system integration products and services.

Over the past few years, we have seen a consolidation of the knowledge and skills in the field of design, also and especially through the addition of new professionals who have completed the team, which is now also able to offer an engineering service for complex systems which combine multiple technological elements.