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Anker Grupa

Anker Grupa doo (a Croatian company) is the owner of the “Lafodia Sea Resort” hotel complex, a location on the island of Lopud that lies directly on the seafront, surrounded by a magnificent Mediterranean forest. The complex is less than 9 nautical miles from the enchanting Dubrovnik.
The hotel, a tourist destination for clients from various countries in Europe and beyond, presents itself as a “Resort” that can offer a wide range of services, including: à la carte restaurant, pizzeria, three bars, meeting room, private beach, two swimming pools, spa and wellness centre, bakery and a private fleet of boats that can offer both transfers and day trips.

The company bought the real estate portfolio known as the “Hotel Grand” in Lopud – a site of great historical prestige – along with other neighbouring buildings and plots. The grand hotel, designed according to the principles of modernism, allows for a direct connection between internal and external spaces, as per the organisational principles of naval spaces. Often mentioned in the literature as the pearl of modern architecture, it was one of the most modern buildings in the area of Dubrovnik between the world wars.

The 15th-century Dominican Monastery of Saint Nicholas is also in the process of being restored. The monastery comprises an external garden with an internal cloister, a main building used as accommodation and a church. All the areas of particular merit and artistic relevance will be faithfully restored under a project for the protection and enhancement of the area’s artistic heritage.